Yarrawonga Health Midwifery Unit offers a woman/family centred-care in a modern homely environment. It is a unit meeting the requirements of low risk women and postnatal care for those birthing elsewhere. Our Midwives cover all aspects of maternity care including antenatal care and classes, friendly, one-on-one supportive care during the labour and birth, postnatal and home visit care with the addition of lactation and settling clinic as required.

To make a maternity booking, please speak with our friendly Midwives at the Antenatal Clinic or ring us on 57438135.

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Shared Antenatal Care

Midwives from the Yarrawonga Health together with the GP/Obstetricians from the Yarrawonga Medical Clinic and the Yarrawonga Denis Medical Group offer total care for low risk pregnancies.

Antenatal clinics run each Tuesday:

 Each visit consists of a consultation with a midwife, followed by a consultation with the GP/Obstetrician.

This service allows you to sit and talk about problems or concerns with a midwife as well as having you and your baby's wellbeing checked.

What are the Advantages of Shared Maternity Care?

  • You are more likely to develop a trusting relationship with your doctor and midwife and discuss any worries you may have either before or after the birth of your baby.
  • Obstetricians are available to see women with high risk pregnancies in Wangaratta and Wodonga.
  • Your GP/Obstetrician will refer you if you need or want this service.
  • Often high risk pregnancy care can be shared between your obstetrician and your GP/Obstetrician.
  • This allows you to see a midwife at your GP visits.