Our Organisation

Board and Governance Team

Yarrawonga Health is fortunate enough to have 10 dedicated Board members from our community -

Mrs. Margaret Hauser
Mr. Paul Flavel
Mr. Bruce Pigdon
Mr. William Hidson
Mr. Jack Sterkenburg
Mr. Brian Walsh
Mrs. Julie-Anne Clarke
Ms. Pam Rudd
Mr. Peter Bennett
Mrs. Erin York


The above members serve on the following Committees - 

Governance Committee

Mr. Paul Flavel (Chair)

Mr. Bruce Pigdon

Mrs. Margaret Hauser

Mr. Brian Walsh


Corporate Committee

Mr. Bruce Pigdon (Chair),

Mr. Josh Vagg (Independant) plus

All members of the Board


Clinical Governance – Quality & Risk

Mr. Brian Walsh(Clinical Governance Officer) plus

All members of the Board


Consumer Advisory Committee

Mrs. Margaret Hauser (Community Engagement Officer)


  Executive Team

Mrs. Elaine Mallows, Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Kaye Gall, Director of Clinical Services

Our Values

  • Respect
    Yarrawonga Health respects the needs, expectations, beliefs and confidentiality of all people.

  • Excellence
    Yarrawonga Health strives to deliver the highest standards and best outcomes.

  • Integrity
    Yarrawonga Health works with people in an open and transparent manner.

  • Compassion
    Yarrawonga Health is sensitive and responsive to the individual needs of each person.

  • Teamwork
    Yarrawonga Health achieves its goals based on successful teamwork.

Our Vision

Strengthening Health in our community through excellence and innovation.

Department Heads

Financial Services - Northeast Health Wangaratta

Payroll Services - Goulburn Valley Health

Facilities Manager - James Flanagan

Corporate Business Manager - Melissa Murfitt
Quality Manager – Fiona Stevens
Manager of People & Culture - Paula Nagle

Executive Chef - Leigh Crynes 

Catering Services Supervisor - Lou Phillips

Domestic Services Supervisor - Jannette Duncan
Operational Director Inpatient & Educational Services - Debbie Gleeson

Acting Operational Director community Services - Stephanie Kennedy


Acute Unit Manager – Janine Smith
Theatre Suite Manager – Yvette Saunders
Maternity Services Co-ordinator – Cate Febey
Nurse Unit Manager – Karana – Liz Hoare
Nurse Unit Manger – Warrina Hostel – Kris Andrews
Nurse Unit Manager – Allawah Hostel – Keiraleigh Brookes
Nurse Unit Manager – Dialysis Unit – Melissa Moat
District Nursing Services – Bernie Young/Sharon Robinson


Strategic Plan 2016 - 2019

Strategic Plan 2016- 2019 Strategic Plan 2016- 2019 (12199 KB)

        Yarrawonga Health Victorian Quality Account 2015-2016


Life Governor List 2016 Life Governor List 2016 (110 KB)