Patient Information


Patients are to be directed to the Acute Ward for direct admission. Staff will advise you on any queries you may have regarding admission procedures and provide information at this time regarding your stay in hospital.


the Health Service does not take responsibility for loss or damage of these items. If security is required, please discuss with nursing staff on duty.

Emergency Admissions

Staff will take your admission details when your condition permits or will discuss any information required with our accompanying relative or friend.

What to expect when you book into Hospital for a Surgical Procedure –

Prior to your procedure, you will need to book in with our Admissions Clerk.

Items to bring when booking in –

  • Pre-Anaesthetic paperwork completed by the Anaesthetist.
  • Medicare Card.
  • Concession/Healthcare/DVA Card (if applicable).
  • Private health insurance details.
  • Next of kin details (including contact phone number).
  • Contact details of person who will be collecting you after surgery.

What happens when you are booking in?

The Admission Clerk will collect your person information including –

Full name Religion
Date of birth Birth place
Address Next of kin
Marital status POA(I/A)

You will be asked to sign an election form stating that you will be admitted either as Public/Private/DVA/Work Cover/TAC patient

If available the Admissions Clerk will give you your theatre admission time.

You will receive patient information pamphlets including:

  • Rights and Responsibilities of Patients
  • Brochure on your procedure where available

The Admission Office of the Hospital is located in the Acute Area front office at the Lynch Street Entrance.  Should you have any enquires regarding the admission process please contact the Admissions Clerk on 03 5743 8111


You may receive a phone call prior to your admission date from a member of our nursing staff, to assist in your admission process and answer any questions you may have regarding your stay at Yarrawonga Health and also prepare for effective discharge planning

Pre-Anaesthetic Visit

You will also need to make an appointment for a pre-anaesthetic check at your local GP Clinic, preferably 5 -7 days prior to your procedural date. The Anaesthetist, who will be administering your anaesthetic, will examine you and discuss what type of anaesthetic is best for you and ask you to sign a consent form reflecting this.

Admission Procedure on day of Surgery

On arrival at the Hospital please report to the Front Desk of the Acute Services Unit (Lynch Street Entrance). Make sure all allocated paperwork from your Surgeon has been brought with you, if it has not already been delivered to the Admissions Officer.

Your admission nurse will then ask you some questions. You will be asked about your past medical history, what medications you are currently taking and if you have any allergies. Your blood pressure and other vital signs will be taken and you will be prepared for your procedure. Ensure you have showered prior to your arrival to hospital

Consent to Procedure

If your specialist has not already asked for your written consent to perform the operation/procedure, your surgeon will discuss your proposed procedure and ask you to sign a consent form upon arrival in the operating room. Before you sign the consent form you must be sure you fully understand the proposed treatment, operation or procedure.

Waiting before Surgery

Be aware that you may have to wait between your arrival at Hospital and going to theatre. Sometimes surgery takes longer than anticipated. Please bring a book to read.

What to Bring to Hospital

For an overnight admission please bring the following:-

  • a dressing gown, slippers, pyjamas & toiletries if you have them,
  • aids or equipment such as glasses, hearing aids, walking sticks
  • comfortable clothing that is not too long or loose,
  • X-rays, scans or results of any tests that you have had recently that are relevant to your procedure.
  • For a DAY PROCEDURE please also bring a dressing gown and slippers

Please remove all makeup, jewellery, nail polish and hairclips.



Patients scheduled for surgery in the morning must not eat anything for 6 hours prior to surgery. You may drink clear fluids until 4 hours before your admission time. Patients who eat or drink after these times may have their surgery cancelled or delayed.


Patients are advised not to smoke for at least 24 hours before their operation/procedure. This will help in your recovery following anaesthetic.


If you are on regular medications you will be instructed by your Anaesthetist which tablets to take. If you have any concerns, please contact your surgeon or your local doctor. Please inform staff of all your medication. This includes medication that was not prescribed by a doctor, ie. Aspirin and herbal medication. Medication should be taken with as little water as possible on the day of your procedure.

Overnight or Longer Stay Patients

Many procedures are now completed in one day, however, if it is planned for you to stay overnight, then you will be taken to your ward from theatre recovery. If you want to tell your relatives which ward it will be, please ask the nurse on arrival.

On Arrival at Theatre

To ensure that you receive the correct surgery or procedure on the correct site, nursing staff will ask you to state your full name, date of birth and which site/side or type of procedure that you are having. The surgeon will mark this on your skin with a water resistant marker pen.

Theatre Recovery

In this area the nursing staff will monitor you as you awaken from the anaesthetic. Depending on your recovery from the anaesthetic, the specialist may speak to you about what happened in theatre. Your specialist may explain what was found or what procedure was done. However, you may have no memory of this afterwards.

What if I am in Pain or Feeling Nauseous?

Please tell your nurse or doctor as soon as you are feeling any discomfort or pain. They can give you medication to relieve pain and nausea.


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