Going Home

As part of your regular care plan, appropriate arrangements will be made for any support services you may require when you go home. Examples include but not limited to District Nurse, Meals on Wheels, or Home Help. Before you leave the hospital, follow up appointments with your doctor can be arranged and prescriptions for medication provided. Nursing staff will ensure you receive and understand any special instructions. Once you and your family have been notified of your impending discharge we request that you and your family discuss with nursing staff to organise a suitable discharge time for all involved.

Transport home is the responsibility of the patient or family. Discharge will be scheduled, where possible, to take place between 10.00am and 11.00am.

Following discharge home, you may need to contact:

Acute/Maternity Services Yarrawonga Health

Telephone: 5743 8111 (Any Time)

Moira Healthcare Alliance

Telephone: 5743 3200 or 1300 655 372

Local Doctor

Yarrawonga Denis Medical Group
Telephone: 5744 1777

Yarrawonga Medical Clinic
Telephone: 5744 3115


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