Staff Orientation

Welcome to Yarrawonga Health.  As a member of staff, whether it be full-time, part-time or casual, you are a member of a team whose purpose is to provide the very highest standard of care and attention to those in the community who require access to our health service.

Our objectives are the care, comfort and treatment of the elderly, sick and injured, and even if the job you do is not directly involved with patient/resident care, the manner in which you carry out your duties does, ultimately, have an effect on the patient's/resident's/client's well-being.  Yarrawonga Health believes that working as a team helps you bring about harmony between staff and therefore, better working relationships.  To this end, it is requested that you cooperate with all other members of staff and observe a few essential rules of conduct and policy whilst in the health service.

When you commence at Yarrawonga Health, it is mandatory that you complete an Orientation Program which will consist of reading documentation or completing education sessions via the Yarrawonga Health intranet.  Your Nurse Unit Manager or Department Head will advise you when you are to complete this documentation.  We request that you print off the following

YH Staff Orientation Check List YH Staff Orientation Check List (35 KB)

 This checklist will guide you through the various policies and procedures we require you to read and sign-off.  The following policies are attached -

Staff Policies and Procedures Staff Policies and Procedures (3534 KB)

When you navigate around our website under "Our Organization", you will have an opportunity to view who are our Board of Management, Executive Team and Department Heads.  Yarrawonga Health's Values and Mission is also on the same page.

At the Organizational-Wide Orientation Program you will have an opportunity to "meet and greet" with the Yarrawonga Health Executive Team and Department Heads.  Please fee free to provide us with your ideas or suggestions which would assist us in improving your work environment.  This could include areas in relation to the Hospital's orientation program, paperwork and information provided to you.  Ideas about other work systems or processes that you have been involved with since your commencement.  Or perhaps it is an idea from another health service that you have worked in, that we may be able to implement.  

Yarrawonga Health requests that you adhere to the following standards -

PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE Dress standards should be appropriate to the functions being performed, occupational health and safety requirements, cultural diversity, local community standards and climate. An identification badge must be worn and visible at all times. 

CODE OF BEHAVIOUR At Yarrawonga Health, you will be considered part of the team and as such, a certain code of conduct is expected.  Our values, mission and vision are located on the Yarrawonga Health web page under Our Organization and it is your responsibility to read and implement these when required.  The following points will outline your commitment to Yarrawonga Health ethical code -

YH expects all staff to be punctual. If you are going to be late or unable to attend, you must notify the Unit or your Department Head.  

  • Notify NUM or nurse in-charge when you are leaving the unit (clinical staff).
  • YH expects you to work collaboratively with a team approach.
  • YH expects that you are accountable for their own actions (behaviour).
  • YH expects that you are aware that everyone has the right to be treated with respect and fairness.
  • YH expects that you provide excellent customer service through responsiveness and effective communication. 
  • Do not give information about patients or staff over the phone.
  • Dispose of handover sheets in the shredder at the end of each shift - clinical staff.

PARKING Staff are able to access off-street parking in Lynch Street and Hume Street.

MEALS Lunch and dinner meals can be ordered from the Hospital kitchen at a small cost.  Meals must be ordered the day before and staff will show you the process required to order meals. Payment is to be made at the front office at the end of each week.

SMOKING Yarrawonga Health is a non-smoking health service.  Breaches of this no-smoking policy could lead to disciplinary action. Smoking is only permitted off-site.

SAFETY AND SECURITY Security cameras are placed strategically around the health service and record over a 24-hour period.  Gates lock automatically from 2000 hours and unlock at 0800 hours in the aged care section.