Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

The Department of Health and Human Services has requested all inquiries be directed to their website where you can access the latest Coronavirus information and advice. We will update the community on what Yarrawonga Health is doing, but it’s important to remember this situation is constantly evolving with new information being released on a daily or even hourly basis.



All feedback is appreciated

Feedback is treated confidentially with information used for the purpose of reviewing and improving care and services.

Why do we encourage feedback?

  1. Provides information what we do well, and what we could do better
  2. Assists in the allocation of resources to make improvements in the most appropriate areas

What type of feedback can you provide?

  • Compliments – are an opportunity to recognise and acknowledge the work done by staff throughout the Health Service
  • Complaints – are investigated with in each department concerned and suitable actions taken
  • Suggestions – for improvement – are considered independently with regard to relevance and feasibility, and adopting where appropriate

What happens with feedback?

  • Managed by Quality Department
  • Entered onto feedback register and reviewed
  • Serious complaints or those unable to be resolved at departmental level are referred to Executive staff for action.

Feedback box and forms located

  • Front reception of Administration building
  • Front reception Health Hub
  • Acute Facility
  • Allawah
  • Karana
  • Warrina

How can you provide feedback?

  • Speak directly to staff member
  • Complete a Compliment/Complaints form
  • Write a letter directly to CEO, Director of Clinical Services or Quality Manager
  • Complete the electronic form below

Feedback can also be made to the Health Complaints Commissioner Victoria Toll free 
PH: 1300 582 113

Or the Aged Care quality and Safety Commission Toll Free
PH 1300 951 822