Pregnancy & Beyond

At Yarrawonga Health we recognise that each of our expectant mothers have different needs and expectations. Every pregnancy is unique and each journey is a personal one.

What Maternity Services can we provide?

  • Advice and care during your pregnancy. You can phone or come and speak to us about your needs.
  • Liaison with your doctor.
  • Parenting advice such as settling the newborn, nappy changing, bathing and breastfeeding.
  • One home visit after discharge (domiciliary), or more as required.
  • 24 hour consult service up to 6 weeks postnatal.
  • Referral service to other agencies.
  • Newborn hearing screening.
  • Childbirth education.
For more information please contact one of our expert midwives on 03 57438135

Antenatal Clinic

Midwives from Yarrawonga Health work alongside GP/Obstetricians at the Antenatal  Clinic, now located at Yarrawonga Health at the Health Hub every Monday

Standardised antenatal care is provided according to national guidelines including: physical checks, pathology, babies growth, ultrasounds organised and emotional psychosocial care.

The midwife allows you to sit and talk about problems or concerns as well as having you and your baby’s wellbeing checked.

Get to know your midwives during pregnancy, so that they can better care for you during your early parenting period. There is no direct cost to women for the Antenatal Clinic.

To book contact 03 57438135 for an appointment

Child birth education

Childbirth education classes are offered to pregnant women and their partner or support person. Facilitated by a Midwife, the class focuses on late pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding and early parenting. It is recommended that you book-in to Midwifery between 12 and 20 weeks, if you are planning to attend a Childbirth Education Class you will be booked in by your midwife. The class is a four week course held at our Clinical Education Centre (No Cost) To book in to or gain further information, contact Maternity Services on

For more information please contact one of our expert midwives on 03 57438135

Having a Baby

We support all women from Yarrawonga and surrounding communities, and offer antenatal and postnatal service for mothers and their babies as well as the option for shared pathways of care for women with increased associated prenatal health risks.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with a personalised experience in a nurturing environment while offering a full range of services to support you through pregnancy and beyond.

Lactation Consultant

At Yarrawonga Health we have qualified Lactation Consultant who will assist mothers with breast feeding issues when required.

Maternity Service

Our caring and highly skilled team of health professionals, including midwives, GP

Obstetricians and allied health teams, will work together to ensure that you have a safe and memorable experience. We are privileged to be a partner in your journey into parenthood. 

Should you have any questions or require more information please contact our midwives on 03 57 438135.

Domiciliary (Home) Visiting Service

During your first week after discharge from Yarrawonga Health a midwife will visit mother and baby at home. The weight and wellbeing of the baby will be checked, as well as the physical wellbeing and adjustment of mother.

Infant Hearing

The Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program (VIHSP) screens the hearing of newborn babies in their first weeks of life.  A small number of babies are born every year with a hearing loss which can affect their developing speech and language skills, so early identification and assistance is important.  The newborn hearing screen identifies babies who need to go on to have a full hearing test at audiology.  Parents/guardians of babies, identified as requiring audiology, are fully supported through the process of diagnosis and intervention by the VIHSP Early Support Services.

The hearing screen:

  • is performed by trained hearing screeners
  • uses standard technology (Automated Auditory Brainstem Response AABR)
  • is usually completed at the mothers bedside while the baby is asleep (in hospital) or at an outpatient appointment


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