Aboriginal Health

Yarrawonga Health is committed to ensuring that the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people within our community are able to access culturally acceptable and welcoming care. 

We have strong ties with Aboriginal health services in our area and can assist you to ensure that your needs are catered for whilst within our health service.

There are a number of services in our region that are available, including:

  • E-Mental Health In Practice

    eMHprac have developed a brief guide of digital social, emotional and cultural wellbeing resources for Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islanders.

    These digital tools, designed by and for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, are for people of all ages who are struggling with maintaining a healthy mind, connecting to country and culture or who are having community or relationship challenges.

    Online social, emotional and cultural wellbeing resources are programs, tools or applications delivered via online, mobile, or phone-based platforms. Digital resources can be used alone or in combination with face-to-face support.

    Click here to access the guide or scan the QR Code 

  • Primary Care Connect

    We provide inclusive community health care services of the highest quality. We work collaboratively with our clients and other services to best support the health and wellbeing needs of all people.

    Located in Shepparton and provide a range of Indigenous services and programs which may visit Yarrawonga including:

    • Indigenous Family Violence Program
    • Koori Alcohol and Drug Worker
    • Aboriginal Pathways Program
    • Other Primary Health Programs

    Phone:    (03) 5823 3200

  • Gateway Health

    Gateway Health provides community health and wellbeing services to individuals, families and communities across North East Victoria and parts of Southern New South Wales.

    Gateway Health works collaboratively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to meet essential health needs and to support individual and community aspirations.

    Located in Wangaratta and provide a range of services for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

    Phone: (03) 5723 2000

    Web: www.gatewayhealth.org.au 

  • Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative

    A true partner in your health and wellbeing.

    Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative, located in Shepparton, are no ordinary service provider. Rather than do things the typical way, we’ve created a co-operative of whole of life care truly designed around our community’s needs, including:

    • Wellbeing and prevention
    • Everyday health
    • Chronic conditions
    • Elder and disability care
    • Children and young people
    • Mental health
    • Family and community 
    • Homelessness and housing

    Phone: (03) 58200 000

    Web: www.rumbalara.org.au

  • Mungabareena Aboriginal Coorporation

    Located in Wodonga, Mungabeena Aboriginal Cooperation's purpose is to provide culturally appropriate services and to connect and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to become more confident, take control of all aspects of their life and create pathways to a better future.

    They provide services including:

    • Aboriginal Health Promotion and Chronic Care
    • Bush Fire Recovery
    • Home and Community Care
    • Aboriginal Alcohol and Other Drugs
    • Social, Emotional and Wellbeing

    Phone: (02) 6024 7599

    Web: www.mungabareena.org.au


Operational Director for Community Services (03) 5743 8520