Hostel Accommodation - Warrina

Warrina is dedicated to the provision of a high standard of hostel-style accommodation where residents enjoy full access to security and care while retaining as much of their independence as possible. Residents live in their own supported living units while remaining in the community.

Warrina Hostel Facilities – (low care)

Warrina  provides comfortable units and expert clinical care, along with lifestyle services which are available in a safe and secure environment. Residents in low care facilities like Warrina  experience freedom and mobility because of increased flexibility and stimulating social interaction. The low care services are actually aimed at providing the level of support which is required for the residents to continue an independent full life with minimal assistance. This style of accommodation includes meals, laundry, cleaning and round the clock health care support.

Warrina provides an assisted environment of care for individuals who can move more freely but need extra assistance with everyday tasks like meals, laundry, cleaning and more. Instead of living in their own home, residents live in unit style accommodation and are able to seek professional assistance to access round the clock support for any help needed for simple care. Warrina’s services include a range of many services which includes accommodation related services as well as tailored care support based on individual requirements.

Warrina will encompass all accommodation related services like bedding, meals, laundry, cleaning backed by a dedicated team of health professionals to assist you at any time. Support for essentials  such as providing or assisting with health or therapy services along with support for rehabilitation or help with daily chores are provided. Our team of highly experienced carers can access and address individual care needs effortlessly.