Family violence information sharing scheme

The family violence information sharing scheme

How information can be shared under Part 5A Information Sharing Entities – (ISE)s are prescribed by regulation and are required to comply with Part 5A of the Family Violence Protection Act 2008. Yarrawonga Health is an Information Sharing Entity under this legislation.  Any personal, health or sensitive information that is relevant to assessing and/or managing family violence risk can be shared between ISEs, provided:

  1. the information is not excluded
  2. sharing the information does not contravene another law,
  3. applicable consent requirements have been met.

The information may relate to a victim survivor (adult or child), an alleged perpetrator or perpetrator, or third party. Information can be shared verbally or in writing.

Yarrawonga Health complies with the Family Violence Information & Child Information Sharing Schemes. Please find below our ISE Information Sharing Scheme Request Form. Please check you are an authorised ISE or RAE before sending the  form.  

A list of ISE’s can be found here:

Forms are required to be emailed to

Download the form here