Rights & Responsibilities

As a patient/client of Yarrawonga Health you have the right to:

  • Care from appropriately qualified health professionals
  • Expect a safe and secure environment
  • Be treated with respect, consideration and dignity
  • Confidentiality regarding all personal and medical details
  • Give your informed consent to, or refuse any treatment
  • Timely and understandable information about your condition
  • Access to an interpreter if necessary
  • Express your dissatisfaction or satisfaction with our service
  • Be actively involved in your care and treatment

As a patient/client of Yarrawonga Health we ask that you:

  • Are courteous and considerate to other patients and to treating staff
  • Provide, to the best of your knowledge, accurate information about your current and previous medical problems, medications, visits to hospital, insurance status, allergies and other matters relating to your state of health in order to help our staff care for you.
  • Inform staff if consent for treatment is withheld or withdrawn
  • Seek clarification if you do not understand any information or instructions given to you
  • To be actively involved in your care and treatment
  • Discuss any worries/ concerns with a relevant member of staff.
  • Comply with health advice and medical instructions
  • Respect hospital policies
  • Pay account promptly

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