Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

The Department of Health and Human Services has requested all inquiries be directed to their website where you can access the latest Coronavirus information and advice. We will update the community on what Yarrawonga Health is doing, but it’s important to remember this situation is constantly evolving with new information being released on a daily or even hourly basis.

Maternity Services Ambassador

Maternity Services Ambassador

When they say you’re in good hands, they certainly do mean it at Yarrawonga Health. I chose Yarrawonga Health because of the convenience of being close to home and knowing they would offer everything I needed. With the amazing staff and services I was made very comfortable and at home with my newborn. Having my own room and bathroom, my meals brought to me and always having help with a touch of a button, it was like a holiday. I was able to stay as long as I needed to at the hospital and only went home with our newborn when I felt okay.

All the staff were so wonderful, from checking my pain was in control to makingsure I was getting some rest. Their knowledge and support goes along way when you have this brand new little person in your arms and there is so much to know and learn.

"I cannot thank all the team at Yarrawonga Health enough for helping me bring my beautiful baby into the world and giving me the confidence to be a great mum."

Jess F - New Mum