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YH Graduate Nurse Q&A with Lara Gamble

YH Graduate Nurse Q&A with Lara Gamble

Friday, 3 July 2020


Lara Gamble, Graduate Registered Nurse completing rotations in Karana Aged Care. 

1. Why did you decide to complete your graduate year at Yarrawonga Health?

I chose Yarrawonga Health (YH) to complete my graduate year as I had never had a nursing position before and this position allowed me the opportunity to complete a rotation in Aged Care to consolidate my personal care skills. I also feel strongly aligned to the values of YH as I wished for my nursing practice to be driven by integrity, compassion and respect for all.


2. What has been a highlight of your grad year so far?

There have been many highlights of my graduate year so far however by far I have loved being able to support and connect with residents and their families in their final moments. I believe it is such an incredible honour to spend these precious moments with the families and learn about who the resident was in their younger years.


3. Where do you hope your nursing career will take you in the future?

Moving forward, I am hoping that I can continue on into the acute departments of nursing however returning to the Aged Care sector in my future years. I have come to love working with palliative residents so I see myself working in this area in the future.


Further information about our graduate nursing positions available here: https://www.yh.org.au/Careers/Clinical-Education/Graduate-Nurse-RN-RMRN